XV Poster contest for the 2020 Festa Major de Sant Antoni


The 6th grade students of Franciscanes Universitat are participants in the children’s contest that has been organized by the Ajuntament de Barcelona and the Casa Golferichs Civic Center.

Our school will participate in the creation of the poster that is going to advertise the celebration of the Festa Major of the Sant Antoni neighbourhood in 2020 with the slogan

“Sant Antoni’s Festa major: I love it”.

We think these kind of cultural activities help integration with the neigborhood’s social fabric.

The students are motivated and have done a great job.

The opening will take place on Wednesday February 20th at 20,00h. in Xalet Golferichs, where the jury will make public its veredict and the awards will be given.

A selection of all the original posters will be on display at Xalet Casa Golferichs from 20th February to 23rd March 2019.