Educational offering Primary Level (6 to 12 years old)

We try to make sure our students get a hold of all the basic skills and also get them  ready to become responsable, autonomous  and mature.

LIC Program

We have a special program for newly arrived students that helps those who are in that situation. This program is part of the LIC (Language and Social Cohesion) Program  and it’s goal is  an intercultural approach  and the promotion of the Catalan language.

The most important goals of this level are:

  • Oral and writen expression. Developing  Reading skills and making them  the pilar from which  to achive in the other subjects of the curriculum.
  • Train the students so they become able to apply all their personal  ressources (habilities, knowledge, experience and attitude)  in an interactive way to resolve any task in a proper way
  • Build the student’s scientific and critical spirits. Help them become able to investigate  and develope a logical and mathematical way of thinking.
  • Give students the necessary tools that will help understand their environment and help them develop a critical attitude.