Educational offering kindergarten Level (3 to 6 years old)

In this level we stablish the bases for a good development  for all the upper educational levels.

The goals are:

  • Social, emotional, intelectual and physical development
  • Personal growth
  • Interacting with others
  • Observation and exploration of the environment
  • Learning good behavior, and developing personal autonomy

Some of the most important activities are:

We want our students to develop a liking for  being read. They participate actively during the time they listen, asking questions, repiting sentences and talking about the story. The teachers are Reading models

With these activities we promote  the phonologycal awarnnes  of sounds , words and the proper order of full sentences.

We know that a good level of phonologycal awarennes is key to succes in the process of learning of Reading and writing.

We teach kids to be aware of their emotions and to express them in a proper way. We also try to make them aware of the emotions of the people around them.

The mathematical hands on  are activities that help students learn maths through every day situations, creativity, experimenting with real objects and also throuhg  intuition.