The school is a privileged place to facilitate the growth and maturation of the student in all their dimensions. It is our mission:

· To help students to discover their emotional, intellectual and physical potentialities, and to accept their own qualities and limitations.

· To encourage the development of the social dimension of the student, as a relevant aspect in their integral development interacting with the community.

· To promote the development of their ethical and transcendent dimension, facilitating the search for the meaning of human existence.


· We recognize the unique characteristics and the singular history of each student, and we base the educational relationship on familiarity, trust and dialogue

· As a Franciscanes school, its members promote a welcoming relationship that avoids discrimination.


We educate in values ​​that discover in our students attitudes of person and upright citizen that acquire their own opinion and learn to make evaluations with a critical sense, capable of creatively developing their own commitment to make a more just society.

As a Franciscanes school, we identify ourselves with:

· The fraternal coexistence of life in community, with the humility of respect for others, with the patience necessary to overcome adversity and with the joy of living as a happy experience.

· We emphasize evangelical values. We educate for coexistence and peace. We educate for justice and solidarity. We educate in freedom and for freedom