Synthesis of the Educational Project

According to the character of our school and also according to our resources , both human and pedagogical, our Educational Project is based on:

–  Offering  an education based  on the development of the student’s capacities  through the different  subjects of the curriculum (language, mathematics, environment, art, physical education, and values)  and the required skills and competences.

–  Making sure the students are the main characters in their own learning process. Students should learn in an active way, individually and also  in cooperation with others, and always trying to build up  their autonomy.

–  Introducing new learning methods :Projects, cooperation projects between different grades, use of tablets, computers and smart boards.

–  Promoting creativity through the whole curriculum. Learning to play musical instruments, singing,dancing, and play acting.

–  Building a welcoming and inclusive school.

School Projects

Children form different grades meet and work to share knowledge and experiences  and learn from each other.

Students use new information and communication technologies (tablets, computers, Smart boards) to reinforce and expand their knowledge in different curricular subjects.

We use play acting as a tool  that helps in the  wholistic approach to education. It boosts oral and corporal expression and listening,and it  bolsters memory and it helps expand vocabulary.

We practice breathing and relaxation and concentration techniques  with the goal to help  students  manage their emotions.

Through the  planned and organized use of the school library we help students develop their basic skills and at the same time get pleasure from  reading.

This project’s goal is to boost the student’s Reading skills. The emphasis is on Reading comprehension and also in making Reading the most important learning  tool in all school subjects. It also aims at getting students to have fun and get pleasure from Reading.

We try to make students more aware of the importance of helping to  make our world more sustainable. Some  of the activities are: reusing and recycling paper, visitis to public parks, and the use of reciclable packaging for snaks.

  • This program makes sure that all the educational community is commited to our school program.

    Helps students  relate to themselves, others and the world.

    Respects diversity

    Promotes arbitration and dialogue as tools to resolve conflicts

    Promotes peace and  the culture of non violence

This projects’s goal is to give tools to students to help  build a more egalitarian society and to make women’s roles more visible.

Special Commissions

We have two special commissions:

Attention to Diversity Commission (CAD)

Makes sure that all students get answers to their special and particular needs.

Social Commission (CS)

Ensures  the welfare of all students that come from social and economical troubled backgrounds.