Hello families!

We are delighted that you have decided to learn about our school.

Thanks and welcome!

We would like to tell you that school is located in the center of the city and it is very well communicated with public transportation.

In our school we offer a Kindergarten Level (from 3 to 6 years old) and a Primary Level (6 to 12 years old). Both levels are subsidized by the Departament of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya. We also offer continuity for the ESO Level with another school.

Our school has only one class per grade and offers a welcoming and family friendly environment.

We provide an environment of security and proximity, perfect for children of these ages , because  makes them feel  at home and  makes them feel very comfortable. All of that helps them learn with happiness and eagerness.

We offer a school lunch program, early reception in the mornings, and also after-school activities.

Families participate and collaborate with the AMPA and teachers are in touch and communicate with everyone through Clickedu, an educational platform.

The goal of our teachers is to actively develop the intelectual, social and emotional abilities of our students.

Here are some inputs about the way we guide the children in their learning process to achive and acquire their basic skills.

Most important

The students are at the center of their own learning process using strategies that help them become progressively more independent.

The teachers guide through and if necessary reprogram, work activities, and also they adapt evaluation criteria in order to address clasroom diversity.

We use a global and active methodology. We promote meaningful ways of teaching, using familiar and everyday contexts to make sure our students grasp the purpose of what they are learning.

Our students use classroom and school libraries and also new technologies as ressources that help them find meaning in their work, become aware of their mistakes, and help them to get better.

From the moment you come to our school with your three-year-old child, together we set out on a extraordinary journey through kindergarten and primary levels.

This journey starts at three years of age and ends at twelve. Throughout this period your children will undergo a series of physical and emotional changes As to these emotional changes, the school will walk by their (your) side and will care for them affectionally so that they learn to manage the emotions by developing some strategies generated from age-adapted activities, following the pedagogical methods of our school.

Throughout this journey, our goal as a school is that your sons and daughters become

PASSIONATE about everything they do

EAGER to discover new worlds and learn.

CREATIVE to come up with new original ideas and develop them.

STEADFAST to keep going and achieve all they want.

And, above all, we will do our best to make them happy.

With all that in mind, we will work hard so your children become competent and achieve the best academic results in primary school.

We hope we will be able to share this journey with you.