The school uniform has an identity function and pursues the following objectives included in the Educational Project and in the Rules of organization and operation of Franciscan schools:

• Educate in simplicity.

• Avoid differences between students in relation to clothing and appearance.

• Encourage the integration of students with a sense of belonging.

• Adapt the wardrobe to the school situation

• Facilitate the choice of everyday clothing.

• Decrease expenses in daily clothing.

The collection of school uniforms of the Franciscan schools takes into account the following aspects:

– The optional use of a skirt or trousers for girls in order to promote the Gender Equality Plan that Franciscanes wishes to implement.

– The unified corporate image reinforces the external projection of Franciscan schools.

– The prescription of the school uniform includes the possibility of choice as the user will have the option of pieces and colors in order to accept the diversity within the uniformity. The street and sports uniforms will have a range of garments and colors that will not have to be purchased.

– Purchasing through the school website facilitates the online purchase of the school uniform and allows you to place orders easily and save time and travel expenses.

– The manufacturer, the design and the confection are of proximity and his practices answer to criteria of social responsibility that bet by the economy of scale since it optimizes a same stock for the Franciscan schools.

The implementation of the unified school uniform will be gradual. The 2021-2022 academic year will be started by the 3-year-old Early Childhood Education groups and will continue progressively in the following academic years. The current uniform will coexist with the new one as long as families do not have to buy new clothes. However, those who wish to purchase the new school uniform will be able to do so freely.

The use of the uniform is compulsory from 3-year-old Education to 6th Primary.

Sports equipment is compulsory for all students in the Physical Education class. On days when students do not have this subject on schedule, they cannot come to school in tracksuits.

Below we offer a collection of clothes and sports equipment. Early Childhood Education students can choose to wear both uniforms or just sports equipment.

The family can choose which garments to choose to wear as a school uniform for everyday and sports equipment.

Uniform purchase manual: