Our school is a free school in a democratic society

Our school is the outcome of the  free initiative of the society and also of the strength of an educational comunity that offers a Christian education to the children of families who live nearby and who share and give support to our educational model.

Our school is at the service of people and open to everyone

We offer a wholistic education that answers the needs of our students.Our teachers promote the students capacities through personal relationships and learning processes.

Ours is a catalán school that welcomes everyone. We follow the administration’s  rules for admission and do not discrimínate for academic, social, economical, cultural or religious reasons.

Our school has a social compromise

We work towards  an improvement of social relations, with a compromise to learn  to live  together and  to promote justice and tolerance.

We pay special attention to diversity and always work towards the social integration of the students that come from different cultures.

We are a christian school

Our mission  to evangelize  is acomplished through the relationship  stablished between students and teachers and also through the teachings of religious catholic culture and studies.

We have a Christian visión of humanity, life and the world. And as a Franciscan school we specially share and promote the values of Saint Francis of Asis.